As a documentary filmmaker, I have a penchant for people who are at the center of a conflict. People who fight for something they believe in.

Those people may be Libyan rebels who fight for freedom from tyranny, like in my documentary Libya – The Revolution And Me. I like to give a voice to people even when they don’t take up arms, but unite in peaceful protest or simply do something out of conviction. In A democratic decision it’s people who fight for the preservation of the Palace of the Republic in Berlin. Hands UP!  covers stage hands, whose love for the arts outweighs the bad pay and conditions. And Steffi bleibt!  shows how squatters fight against the eviction of what they have made their home.

This site provides an overview of my work as a filmmaker.

  • Hands UP!
    Hands UP! A documentary film on stagehands and other artists who have to fight for their economic survival.
  • Steffi bleibt!
    Steffi bleibt! A documentary film on the lives of squatters and their fight against eviction.